Klasse-1A Japan

Klasse-1A Japan is a side project of Klasse-1A.com, a German Ska/Punk concert website founded in 2005 by some fans of the famous German Ska-Punk band Sondaschule. First, it was intended to be kind of a fan page but it soon covered a wide schedule of alternative concerts in the Ruhr area and became also famous for its huge collection of concert and party pictures.

As I am going to stay in Osaka for one year, I was also looking for nice alternative concerts around here, and rather than just saving a link collection of dates and locations I decided to launch Klasse-1A Japan hoping it will become a nice site, too. So I hope you enjoy the concert pics and find my concert schedule helpful. As for the latter, I am very much dependent on people to tell me about further events. So if you know about a nice concert around here, please write me using this